Upriver Wrestling Is Back

Heads Up!!!   We are starting Upriver Wrestling again after a three year hiatus.  There will be an informational / interest meeting Thursday, October 11th at 6:30pm in the band room at the Upriver Elementary School.  This club is open to intersted children ages 6 – 12.  We will discuss practice times, cost for club membership, tournament schedules, etc. at the informational / interest meeting.  Please add this to your schedule.  We want to have a great season.

We are members if USA Idaho Wrestling Association.

Check out this video of an NIWL match in Bonners Ferry!!


“Haven’t you figured out how that happens?”  I hear that quite often from people that are astonished at my having seven children.  My standard reply, while hugging my beautiful wife with both arms is,  “Of course… We have a great time!!!  Why do you think we have so many children?”  We love being a large family.  Life is never dull.  We love watching our children play and interact with eachother.  We find so much joy in loving each other and in loving our children.

Our desire is to honor God in our lives and love one another and learn to love those around us on our community.  We have many things going on that keep us very busy.  One of the biggest things going on in our life is the building of our home.  For the last three years we have been building a log lodge.  For the story and pictures check out out blog at The Building of Providence Lodge.  We also home school.  That keeps my wife very, very busy.  I help when I can.  Together we school 5 of our 7 children.  They love to learn and they love school.  Well, that is just a little taste of the Primer Family!!

I hope that you have enjoyed my first blog!!